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Dr. Lanny wrote the book on arthroscopic surgery.

Dr. Lanny is Lanny L. Johnson, M.D. a world recognized orthopedic surgeon for his contributions in arthroscopic surgery. He practiced orthopedics in East Lansing, Michigan, USA for many years. During that time, he invented the motorized instrumentation used even today in every arthroscopic procedure. His interests in electronic medical records and data collection resulted in the unique method of assisting patients in decision making concerning knee problems presented now on the Internet as

Since the conclusion of his clinical practice of near thirty years, he has devoted himself to research, publishing, and lecturing. His main research focus has been on knee problems, especially arthritis of the knee. These extensive studies have included examining how to cushion the knee joint from injury and or protect it from further arthritis.

The investigation of the potential for cushioned insoles to reduce the forces across the knee is real. This has been substantiated in studies at a major west coast orthopedic research center. The forces from the foot must first traverse the bottom of the foot to the knee and everything in between. Since the forces can be modified at the knee, it was only logical that the same insoles would be a benefit to the foot in sports, work and everyday activities. Hence the public awareness vehicle,

As his business card states, he is "working to make a difference".

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